#1. Product Launch

On March 16, 2018, Samsung was set to release the Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+. In the cell phone industry, it's important to be ahead of the competition for new product launchs for SEO space. I designed this multipage brochure weeks ahead of the launch date giving Whistleout an advantage of being one of the first companies to offer Galaxy S9 hardware and sofware specs. I really think this brochure is attractive due to the dark background used with bright neon colors. The typography used was a light Raleway which gives brochure an easy to read feel. Additionally, the second page does a great job of visually specifying product features and their exact locations on the device.

#2. Product Brochure

This particular product brochure was a freelance design I did for Henry Schein Orthodontics in Carlsbad, California. Along with the design work, I also translated this design in to basic HTML and CSS for email marketing purposes. Besides the logo, everything in the design was created from scratch including the imagery of the product. The colors of the descriptive text gives the brochure an attractive vibrant look. Although the design is rather simple, the message is very clear.

#3. Event Flyer

Here is a mock up of an event flyer for the city of Carlsbad. Although this event never took place, I wanted to showcase my ability to be creative while experimenting with different brush concepts. This design is a colorful fall festival flyer built using acrylic paint textures as well as a variety of brushed vector elements.